Moritz Barcelona + ModaFAD

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Fabrica Moritz Barcelona + ModaFAD.

Our most inspiring collaborator to date has to be our one-of-a-kind designer and artist friend Moritz Waldemeyer. A man who’s work has been commissioned across every area of fashion, music, architecture, content for big brands, product and light design. It is hard to define what he is best known for. Work for Swarovski, Zaha Hadid, Ron Arad, Hussein Chalayan all come to mind, and yet his leading edge solo projects are equally breathtaking. he’s the man responsible for first-of-their-kind wearable electronics and video jackets for the likes of, Ok Go, U2, and Rihanna, and all his work has a unique aesthetic: complex yet not complicated, the signature of beautiful design.


This was the fifth time working with Adam/I.C.Movement after some enjoyable projects for Mercedes, Dom Perignon, and a playful workshop at Boisbuchet as part of Vitra Design museum’s summer workshops held at the gorgeous french country estate. For this project ModaFAD invited us to perform at their grand fashion extravaganza at Fabrica Moritz Barcelona: an old brewery re-imagined into a modern Gastropub. The recently inaugurated Jean Nouvelle masterpiece proved to be the perfect backdrop for our mix of young fashion, light design and world class swordsmanship.

Show Pic


We created a performance with Adam Rae, Steve Coleman (The UK’s winningest Wushu athlete) and Chloe Bruce (stuntwoman and one of the most well-known female martial arts performers of our time.) We created an LED-sword piece, using full-colour swords designed by Moritz. each LED essentially being a pixel, we used high speed weapon work to create glimpses of ethereal imagery to the crowd. The fashion audience was blown away by the display of Chloe’s explosive energy, Steve’s expert weapon’s routines and Adam’s artful choreography in a live performance. Behind the scenes we interacted with the incredible structures and textures of the brewery to create a completely new take on architectural photography.


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