Claudiu Voicu – Chasing Light

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Claudiu Voicu – Chasing Light

Claudiu’s most recent self-produced project once again sets a new benchmark for the production values of extreme sports. In a world where he who pays the most can expect the best product, Claudiu goes against the grain and operates as a one-stop shop, singlehandedly creating some of the world’s most progressive content from conception to release, especially in the area of Parkour & Freerunning. He’s worked with, and launched some of the top athletes in the field through his vision, and often assists them in realising their own creative ideas.

Actively working as a Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Editor and Photographer he has frequently lent his talents to brands and agencies worldwide since his epochal viral video ‘Storm Freerun – Volume 1’, a video that almost single-handedly reimagined the way Parkour and Freerunning should be shot. Since then, where others have fallen by the wayside or risen and fell with the trend, Claudiu has consistently delivered polished and intelligent content that eclipses clients expectations.

At I.C.Movement Claudiu does behind-camera work, consulting, and (along with Antoine Marc and Adam Rae) does concept writing, content creation, pitches and proposals, budgets and planning and deals with new business and licensing requests. His  site with his individual freelance work can be found here.


Produced, Directed, Shot & Cut:
Claudiu Voicu | | @claudiuvoicu

Featured Athletes:
Ashley Holland
Pip Andersen
Jake Brandford
Fizz Hood
Katie McDonnell
Team Storror

Mind of a Beast – The Glitch Mob

Shot on RED Epic-X using Canon and Sigma lenses. 95% of shots are achieved using the DJI Ronin 3-axis gimbal.