Cali Nelle in ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’

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Cali Nelle in ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ – Mastering The ExoSuit

Earlier this year Doug Liman’s action-packed feature ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt was released worldwide, to date grossing over $178,000,000. From our team, Parisian Martial Artist/Freerunner/Popper Cali Nelle ( Co-Founder of Storm Freerun and Co-Founder of SkillTown ) was cast as part of the Exosuit team…

Powered Exosuits have many applications ranging from Military uses ( for example enabling soldiers to carry heavy loads of up to 300kg ) to Medical uses for those with inhibited mobility or muscle atrophy and more. However, for this film, the Exosuit team were working with models that were not powered: What this means is that these roles required highly fit specialists with fantastic conditioning and athleticism, to both maneuver the cumbersome unpowered suits manually, and endure the long days on set wearing the heavy suit.

It also meant expressing finer details of movement skill, such as when shooting heavy weapons to imitate realistic kick-back and shockwaves. Cali’s background in popping which uses the skillful impulses of muscle tension, control and relaxation and has a perfect application in any movement that requires a feel of robotics, animation or ‘glitchy’ motion. This, coupled with his superior conditioning meant that his work was well received by production, stunt department and cast alike.