I.C.Movement: Ferrari World Projection Show

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I.C.Movement: Ferrari World Projection Show


Viva Ferrari, a new show choreographed by Antoine Marc to celebrate the brand name and design, is currently running at the Maranello theatre inside of the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. He cast our I.C.Movement and One Motion Crew teammate Jordan Calvert to take part in this fantastic adventure and showcase his skills to represent the versatility of the renowned car brand. The show used an innovative blend of pre-recorded green-screen content, clever sound design, and cutting edge choreography. We  utilised interesting interactions between live performers and projected content, and put in vocabulary that is incredibly hard to replicate due to Jordan’s high skill level!


Jordan Calvert is widely renowned in the UK and european dancers scene as one of the hardest training and high-energy bboys (breakdancers) that we have in London. Having been classically trained in dance, musical theatre, and performance, he was massively talented at picking up new skills, progressing at a rapid rate in tumbling, tricking, alongside becoming a diving coach at Crystal Palace.


5 years ago he caught the breakdance/bboy bug, and since then has risen through the ranks of the mediocre to the elite, specialising in powermoves, the acrobatic floor and hand-based vocabulary seen in breaking. He’s revolutionised ways of learning power for the rest of us, when he was training and teaching at all the london hotspots, including our east london gym project SkillTown.


Jordan is out in Abu Dhabi for another couple of months, before returning to London, where we have numerous new video concepts to test with him and his skills…

Stay tuned for more about this project, when we do a feature on Antoine Marc’s process developing the show.