AsthmaUK’s Annual Fundraiser

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Beren & Louis

This Summer AsthmaUK’s Annual Fundraiser returned to the Dorchester Hotel, where a large amount of the fundraising for the organisation is sourced. Knowing the habits of those that are in a position to donate, anything that falls short of the very best quality, care and attention means losing the maximum return on investment: The food, settings, design and lineup, as always were of the utmost style and class, and so we decided to wow the crowd through creating a raw, yet highly skilled performance with heart-stopping moments that would win them over and inspire buzzing conversations for hours afterwards.

Here, you can see some images of the team rehearsing. This performance also featured young martial arts superstar Paige Cerson and Emerging Acrobatics crew ‘Barely Methodical Troupe (BMT)’, who were a pleasure to work with and are great friends with the I.C.Movement team.

For this performance director Adam Rae opted for unassuming costumes in the sense that although brightly coloured and vibrant, were otherwise very urban and street, to give a feel of casual fun, and to disguise the effort required for the performance. He assembled a smorgasbord of movement styles and fastly cut music, that had people tapping their feet along with the breakdancers in one moment only to wait with baited breath at the one arm handbalance on canes in the next.By keeping them guessing and alternating performances between artistic contemporary dance, playful breakdance, achingly beautiful equilibriste, and at times chaotic acrobatics meant that the audience were pulled onto our rhythm, being taken on a journey that stimulated the senses.