Antoine Marc Loving You

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Antoine Marc in himself is all the reasons I.C.Movement exists: A dancer and athlete who has a firm grounding in classical training ( from Martinique School of Ballet ) but who is known and stands out for his ability to effortless blend different movement styles, integrating them so seamlessly into authentic self-expression that he has inspired many who’ve worked with him to attempt the same. Movement has themes, and along with our projects, we spend a lot of company time training together and seeking the singular thread of truth that ties all beautiful movement together. Articulation, extension, disguised effort and opposition, as well as contrast between staccato and flow are all present in many different styles and techniques, and mastery of such skills inevitably results in Beauty.

Antoine’s role at I.C.Movement as our Art Director: his extensive training and commercial experience, coupled with great vision and a background studying film means he has skills on both sides of the camera which is ideal for content creation, choreography, performing, shooting and directing. It also means that the company is refreshing for him – a safe space where specialists in different fields can meet and exchange, and serve as fantastic canvases to create on…

Antoine Marc Loving You

Once upon a time there was Love…

Short dance film directed by Irven Lewis, New World presents an obscure and striking vision of Love.

Just Dance – Loving You from Justdancefilm on Vimeo.


Director and photographer: Irven Lewis

Concept and Choreography: Antoine Marc

Performers: Lisa Welham and Antoine Marc

Costume Designer: Giulia Scrimieri

Music Composer: Kweku Aacht