Movement, Dance & Action Design Specialists.

Choreography & Movement Design

We take a unique approach by approaching movement from a design perspective.

For artists and choreographers who have spent the most part of their life performing and creating, our work is not restricted to the entertainment industry. Rather we treat the body as a canvas to design with. With each commission, the context, narrative, and purpose are explored, and the objective of the project is considered. Beautiful movement out of context is the same as ugly movement. We endeavour to offer the story, mood, feel, style, and execution as a cohesive presentation.

 Artists And Athletes 

We supply artists of an exceptional standard from both our in-house team and wider network.

We have worked in dance, fashion, film and entertainment industries, so are able to supply talent for performances of any occasion. Our team is comprised of some of the top athletes, break-dancers, stunt performers and dancers in the country.

We also offer creative solutions and provide finished performances designed by our in-house team.

 Fight Scenes, Chase Sequences, Action Design

Our action design team consists of an expert panel of behind-camera specialists, martial artists and stunt performers.

Our action team have worked for the likes of Marvel, Disney, Warner Brothers & Red Bull. We draw on our backgrounds in traditional martial arts, and are equally skilled in emerging trends such as Tricking, Parkour, BreakdanceWe draw inspiration from anime, graphic novels, gaming, hong kong cinema, and the digital revolution to create relevant as well as pioneering work.

Some Of Our Individual Member’s Projects & Clients*

*Where contracted as Choreographer, Stunt Performer, Movement Artist, Free-runner, Dancer, Acrobat or Martial Artist.